Infocar Connect

Connect your car

Infocar Connect is a wireless OBD interface that easily plugs into your car for communication to the cloud, your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

OBD provides a standardized connector which has been used on cars in Europe since 2001, and is used to access different control systems in cars.

The internal memory also allows the interface to be used standalone without the cloud, mobile phone or tablet. For example, it can be used for long-term logging of parameters and fault codes or for a quick diagnostic scan.

Infocar Connect

Wireless Interface

  • Easy installation through the OBD-port
  • Bluetooth, 3G/GSM and GPS-connectivity
  • In-house development of both hardware and firmware
  • Easy firmware updates from your smartphone

Infocar Connect


  • E-OBD and OEM-diagnostics
  • Long-term logging of parameters in the interface
  • Alerts when a fault occurs

Infocar Connect

Cloud Based Services

  • Big Data analysis / preventive diagnostics
  • Road friction and potholes analysis
  • Driver behaviour
  • Fleet Management

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